District Goals

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a community of goal-oriented, lifelong learners that will function as responsible and productive citizens.

We will provide our students with an educational system that:

  • Creates a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Values educational advances and utilizes best learning practices.
  • Supports professional learning that enables educators to collaborate and share best practices.
  • Strengthens relationships with our families and expands community involvement.
  • Cultivates knowledge, self-discipline, leadership, excellence and character in all students.

Our Beliefs:

  • - All students can learn.
  • - The higher the expectation, the greater the achievement.
  • - Excellence is achievable and always worth the investment.
  • - It takes three components to make all schools successful:
  1. Teachers who are empowered to teach and enjoy teaching.
  2. Parents who care and are involved.
  3. Students who are engaged and invested in their own learning.