District Overview

Welcome to the School District of Thorp Website!

Our school is conveniently located just off of Highway 29 in the small community of Thorp, Wisconsin, which is only 60 miles west of Wausau and 42 miles east of Eau Claire. The school building contains the PreK-6 elementary school, 7-8 junior high, and 9-12 high school. We strive to create a high-performing, student-centered school district that meets the needs of our current student population and attracts new students to our district.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a community of goal-oriented, lifelong learners that will function as responsible and productive citizens.

We will provide our students with an educational system that:

  • Creates a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Values educational advances and utilizes best learning practices.
  • Supports professional learning that enables educators to collaborate and share best practices.
  • Strengthens relationships with our families and expands community involvement.
  • Cultivates knowledge, self-discipline, leadership, excellence and character in all students.

Our Beliefs:

  • - All students can learn.
  • - The higher the expectation, the greater the achievement.
  • - Excellence is achievable and always worth the investment.
  • - It takes three components to make all schools successful:
        1. Teachers who are empowered to teach and enjoy teaching.
        2. Parents who care and are involved.
        3. Students who are engaged and invested in their own learning.