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Rebecca Felmlee
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HS Special Education Instructor
Phone: 715.669.5401 ext. 215



My name is Becky Felmlee and I teach high school special education.  The populations I work with are students with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities and cognitive disabilities.  Some of these students plan to attend technical college when they graduate high school and some will enter the work force. My goal is for all of my students to be successful adults and make positive contributions to society.


To help make this success a reality we have a work program set up for students. In this program students earn school credit, gain valuable work experience and work place skills.


One of the reasons I chose to teach special education is because I have a strong believe that all humans deserve a chance to be successful.  With special education students it is essential that we give them the education they need to have the opportunity to be successful.


My schedule for the 2014-2015 school year consists of team teaching in two English classes, one Math classe, one History class, one Science class, one Life Skills class, and coordinating my school to work students. I also have a resource study hall in my classroom for eight periods a day.  By team teaching I am complying with the new state law requiring students to be mainstreamed as much as possible. Team teaching offers me an opportunity to help students, work with the teachers on the most effective use of the curriculum, and be aware of assignments and projects. All of these things help students be successful in the regular education environment.


On my web page you will find links to help answer questions you may have.  For the 10th grade history book use the code given and the the last number of the code will be the chapter that the student is working on. For example GWH9815c1, the 1 stands for chapter one, if you put in a 2 it will take you to chapter 2 and so on.


Feel free to contact me anytime you have a question or need assistance.