District Superintendent

Hello and thank you for visiting our web page. The entire school community in Thorp works together to provide an excellent education for every student, and we invite you to join us! Whether you're considering a move to our community or looking for a way to be more involved in our schools, the School District of Thorp offers many opportunities.

I'm proud to serve and lead the school district as Superintendent. As a 20-year veteran educator, who has worked in rural, suburban, and urban settings, I can honestly say that we have something special in Thorp. Our small class sizes, caring and professional staff, strong academic offerings, and great co-curricular sports and recreational programs form the core of our schools. But most importantly, our entire community comes together to support and encourage our students. Please feel free to contact me for more information about our schools and again, thank you for visiting our web page.

My office phone number is 715-669-5401 ext. 2020.

John Humphries, Ed. S
School District of Thorp Superintendent

Mr. John Humphries, the District Administrator in front of a chalkboard